Private Mentorship 

Below is an overview of our standard packages - all  based on the EnerShe code and practice.

For pricing and purchase, please reach out by clicking the CONTACT button below!


Single VIP Days and speed courses are possible based on personal preferences and desires. 

Singular 60-minute mentorship sessions are offered as follows:

Mondays between 9AM and 13PM in Amsterdam Noord (book through Healing People or by reaching out directly)

Tuesdays - Wednesdays - online 

Thursdays between 9AM and 14PM Amstelveen

Please reach out for pricing (starting from EUR 75) and booking.

Including two VIP days to kickstart!

Embark on an extraordinary six-month journey of self-discovery and profound transformation with EnerShe's Metamorphosis Mentorship. This highly exclusive and deeply personalized experience offers frequent private sessions, continuous WhatsApp guidance, in-depth materials, and access to advanced tools for inner growth. Dive deep into the heart of your being, embrace your true potential, and undergo a remarkable metamorphosis as you are guided and supported every step of the way.

For the duration of three full months, immerse yourself in the elite transformative experience with frequent private sessions, personalized WhatsApp support, frequent comprehensive materials, and the full power of the EnerShe method. 


For a whole month, take confident strides towards your goals with weekly private sessions, dedicated WhatsApp coaching, and comprehensive materials for holistic growth.