In the dynamic realm of corporate culture, employee well-being is paramount.

Are you an employer?


With my extensive background in the corporate world, I understand the challenges employees face in achieving peak performance and fulfillment. EnerShe offers your employees, a tailored mentoring approach that transcends traditional coaching, based on the EnerShe code and practice.

Through the EnerShe practice, I empower individuals within your organization to identify their potential, tackle obstacles head-on, and cultivate a harmonious balance between mind and body. This, in turn, enhances their performance, amplifies their sense of fulfillment, and contributes to a thriving corporate environment.

In addition, with my LLM degree and variety of experience in managing corporate structures and complex legal matters, I or my colleagues, can also assist with legal/compliance projects on interim basis.

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Are you an employee?


And are you facing 'difficulties' at work?

This is more of a niche-type of coaching, where we can explore your work-related struggles, roadblocks, and difficulties, so I can guide you towards more optimization, efficiency, and positive output as well as personal satisfaction and resilience on the work floor (or guide you into positive change).

Note: under circumstances, if that is specifically agreed as such, costs might be  covered by the employer (in full or partially).


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