The EnerShe Kickstart

For those new to EnerShe, we would like to offer something special, to get familiar with the practice and the mentor.

This is free of charge and free of committment.

Another unique feature is that it is personal, tailor-made and not a standard template or 'one size fits all'.

EnerShe 1-1

Our EnerShe 1-1 is an online call,  between 20 to 40 minutes,

During this trial session with me, you will identify at least one major roadblock in your life that stands between you and that inner state you desire for yourself.

You will also meet your mentor and have the opportunity to learn more about the EnerShe practice, as well as discuss your personal aspirations and how to overcome the roadblock, giving you a perfect kickstart to decide whether you want to embark on the mentoring journey with me. 

The first step is to leave your email and indicate you would like to have an EnerShe 1-1 in the comments section.

Start by clicking the button below. 

We will then get back to you to set up our first call shortly!