🌟 Are we constantly "photoshopping" our lives? 🌟

Gepubliceerd op 7 september 2023 om 17:04

"If you ask Google about the main purpose of photoshopping, it will tell you this: 'The main purpose of Photoshop is to allow users to manipulate images in order to create new or altered versions of them'."


Hm... Manipulate. New or altered versions. Users...


This got me thinking.


If "users" are us.

If "images" are our lives.

If "manipulate" means control, and

If "new or altered" versions represent something different than reality...


Then, aren't we photoshopping our lives on an almost daily basis?


Every time we say everything is fine, when it's not.

Every time we push ourselves to do something we don't truly want to do.

Every time we hide our sadness behind a smile in public.

Every time we boast about our possessions, yet battle anxiety and depression?


We might be.


And consider this...

Wouldn't it be more meaningful to align our inner world with the outer world? Rather than pretending? So you have both the outer succes and the inner joy/ fulfillment?


I personally (now) believe that’s better (although to be honest , I had different opinions in the past).


But now I know: It's a matter of focusing on both our inner and outer selves. That's the key.


So, it's time to not just improve our external circumstances, but also invest in our inner well-being. Instead of masking it, which is only a temporary fix.



Note: And yes, the photo is a result of Photoshop. The pose is genuine. Captured in a studio. The nature is authentic too. But when combined - it's a clear fabrication. Why fake it? Each element was good enough  on its own.

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