🌅 Embracing the Day: Balancing Responsibilities for a Fulfilling Life 🌅

Gepubliceerd op 24 augustus 2023 om 09:29

 Shoot!! I have a meeting at 8:30 already!

But I have to drive my son to school.

Oh I need to pack my boxes later today cause I am moving.

This stupid baby shower later… Present! I need to buy a present!!!

I want to do that seminar next week, soft skills improvement. Wait, did I sign up?

Plumber! Forgot to call the plumber!


—- Could something like this be a scene from your life too? That rollercoaster of tasks and events that makes your head spin? It's a feeling we all know too well – the good old overwhelm. One of those key feelings that stand between you and the (joyful and fulfilled) state you desire for yourself, despite the outer circumstances.


🌀 Taming the Storm: Two Keys to Crushing Overwhelm 🌀


Guess what? There's a way to turn that overwhelm into something manageable. Here are two basic ideas that can help you ease/eliminate the symptoms: * Quiet the Mental Chatter: That sense of overwhelm isn't just about the tasks at hand – it's also about our minds running wild. So, take a breather. Find a comfy spot, close your eyes, and let your thoughts unwind. Give your brain some downtime. Or… dont close your eyes. But just understand and accept, that a biggest part of being overwhelmed, is caused by the mind. * Be in the Now: Ever caught yourself worrying about things that aren't even happening? Like, you're driving, but your mind's busy folding laundry. Well, our minds are typically not able to solve problems that are not occurring right now. So Redirect your focus to what's happening right now. When driving, focus on the drive. Worried about forgetting stuff? Jot down a list. That way, your mind stays focused on the present action.


🌟 Discovering Joy in Simplicity 🌟


Amid all this whirlwind, finding joy might seem like a distant dream. But these two tricks can bring it back into reach. By calming your mind and staying present, you're on the path to an inner state you desire for yourself. So, as you tackle your day – meetings, chores, and all – remember to take a pause, calm your thoughts, and fully experience the moment. You're on your way from overwhelmed to empowered – and it's easier than you think! 🌈 Let's conquer overwhelm together, one step at a time. 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️

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